About Programs of HOPE

The heartbeat of Hope Rising Mississippi lies in each community. We know that as communities begin to gather and share resources, those in need receive better care. That is the beginning of our collaboration efforts.

Working on the county level, Hope Rising Mississippi works with volunteer leaders to form community collectives. After a county-wide SWOT analysis, members form a plan to address the needs in their surrounding area. County representatives have the opportunity to elevate their needs to the state level through the MS Programs of HOPE Advisory Council.

Co-chaired by First Lady Elee Reeves and Justice Dawn Beam, MS Programs of HOPE Advisory Council provides support and solutions through awareness, knowledge of policy and collaborating power. Members of the Programs of HOPE consist of leaders from focus-area stakeholders led by appointed co-chairs. They volunteer to meet regularly as needed toward common goals and report to the Advisory Council.

Our Programs of HOPE Collaboration Structure

Building better pathways for all Mississippians

The Programs of HOPE Executive Team Co-Chairs include the state’s First Lady and a Supreme Court Justice. They support and guide the efforts of the MS Programs of HOPE committees through relationship, awareness, and advocacy. Administrative and project support are provided by Hope Rising Mississippi.

The MS Programs of HOPE Advisory Council members are stakeholder leaders who serve at the invitation of the Programs of Hope Executive Team. They support and guide the efforts of the committees through awareness, knowledge of policy, and collaborating power.

Mississippi Programs of HOPE Committees consist of collaborative leaders among focus-area stakeholders who serve voluntarily by invitation of the Executive Committee for a period of two years. Their work is led by co-chairs who serve to guide the collaborative work toward the committee’s agreed goals. They assign work groups and collaborate with other work groups as needed.

County Coalitions with Programs of HOPE work together toward stronger awareness of local resources for the purpose of strengthening local pathways of hope. When needs are unable to be solved locally, coalitions have the opportunity to present these issues to the Advisory Council and Executive Team for assistance.